Same Tree Different Day

The Same Tree for 365 Days

I photographed a tree behind my home every day between January 12, 2015 and January 11, 2016. What started out as an exercise in creativity turned into an inspiring experience full of lessons about mindfulness, goal setting and mental health management. The biggest message I received was that I was provided everything I needed to create a unique photograph each day. All I had to do was show up and be patient.

Sharing a Photographic Journey to Inspire Mental Health

I believe that it’s important to share the things that I have learned because so many people can benefit from these lessons. I have presented this project to a variety of organizations (see list below) and had the honor of speaking at the 2019 Canadian Mental Health Assocaiton Conference in Toronto. Here’s what some of the CMHA attendees had to say …

Great Presenter!! Loved the presentation!! Thank you!!
"Mike, the presenter, was a strong speaker and very relatable with a good sense of humour. Photos were stunning!"
Super inspiring! The photos were absolutely beautiful and such a lovely story behind everything. Mike is a great presenter, very engaging and added a perfect amount of humour. Wonderful presentation! Also provided us with great tips on mindfulness and the importance of goal setting.
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Purchase the Same Tree Different Day Goal Setting Calendar

Use this calendar to keep track of your daily goals. When you reach your goal, simply place an X in the box that corresponds to that date. Hang the calendar in a highly visible location. You will be motivated to continue working towards your goal(s) once you see the progress you are making.

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